$250 Flat Fee MLS Listing

Don’t settle for limited exposure to unqualified tenants – get on the MLS and market where professionals are helping serious tenants find Lease and Rental Properties.

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$250 Flat Fee Listing
MLS+ Zillow + Trulia + More

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$250 Flat Fee Listing
For Lease and Rental Properties

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Did you know that properties marketed on the MLS lease on average 32 days faster and the success rate with qualified tenants is almost 50% higher? This is because real estate professionals search the MLS for properties, not Zillow or 3rd party sites. Real estate professional ensure that their tenants who are searching for a home are qualified and understand the leasing process. This is why iList is introducing the Flat Fee Listing for leasing and rental properties. To help homeowners looking for qualified tenants lease faster and save money.

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Typical leasing companies charge 1% to list rental homes and lease homes on the

MLS – We charge $250 flat fee. See how much you can save.

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Traditional Agent 1% **

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