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Sell Your Home in 4 Easy Steps

Once listed you will receive access to your marketing portal. This is your live window to how your home is being received by the market. You view showings, feedback, web hits, DOM and you can see how your home is valued compared to the ever changing market. Any question you would ask a “Typical” agent you have access to real time across your devices.


Step 1

Value your home

Who knows your neighborhood better than you? iList gives you access to values of homes listed and sold in your neighborhood and you can adjust your home value to fit your market, including factors related to the condition and location of your home. We do not assign a value like other sites, we give you the data to determine the value. Need help? A licensed agent is a click away to assist with no additional fee. We can also provide a list of experienced appraisers.


Step 2

List your Home

After you determine the value of your home, the next step is to “List” the home on MLS and other websites. You will answer simple online questions regarding your home, upload photos you choose, and then review how your listing will appear to buyers. When you are satisfied with the preview, your listing will be published on MLS and other websites. At this point you are now ready to start receiving offers on your home.


Step 3


We simplify the process of negotiating. Offers will be received electronically in an easy to understand format, and you will be notified via email or text of the offer amount and terms. We give you easy to use tools to evaluate offers, and counter or accept in real time. Once you accept an offer, we create all of the needed contract documents and begin the closing process.


Going, going, gone!

Close the Deal

The closing process is simply executing the terms of the agreed contract. iList will obtain all contract signatures and provide all parties with the executed contract. iList Title and or integrated closing Services will then ensure the closing is smooth. All parties are informed along the way with the provided closing calendar containing a schedule of all of the contract events.